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Some of you may have already noticed, that there is no more talk about a third (blue) EP after we already released two and always talked about a EP-triology.

And now, all of a sudden, we are going to release a full length album. So, that may confuse some of you, or others wonder how we could possibly write so many songs within such a short period of time. And most people don't care at all because they download single songs either way.

But for those who are actually interested in how that all came about, here is the story behind it, and let's face it, it's neither somewhat spectacular nor are we that inspired to write 15 new songs in a couple of months ;)

The reason is quite simple, and, how could it be any other, it's a matter of business. When we got in touch with the 7hard-people (our label now), we had already released the first (mirrors.affection) and the second EP (mirros.reflection) on our own label (tripple core music), and we were about to start writing songs for the third EP (which would have been called mirrors.reaction). The guys at 7hard really liked our idea of the EP-triology, but also made clear that this wouldn't work as a release for them. So in the course of signing with them, we all decided to merge the two already existing EPs together, write a bunch of new songs (as we would have done anyways) and make one full length album, simply called MIRRORS.


released September 20, 2013

Michael Aitzetmüller (Vocals) | Gregor Ottinger (Guitar) | Gerald Spiegel (Guitar, Backing Vocals) | Christoph Hüttner (Drums, Mallet Percussion, Additional Vocals) | Paul Ablinger (Bass)

Recorded @ TripleCore:Studio by Christoph Hüttner
Vocals recorded @ Separate Sound Studio by Stephan Ernst
Mixed @ TripleCore:Studio by Christoph Hüttner
Mastered @ Sun Mastering by Thomas Aitzetmüller
Produced by Loxodrome
Artwork & Layout by Michael Schumer @ Anti Form
Music & Lyrics by Loxodrome
Additional musicians: Martin Ryzy (guitar) | Raphael Trautwein (trombone) | Bertalan Tóth (vocals)
all instruments and sounds on this record are recorded without using any sample libraries or amplifier simulation
powered by LoxoStrom (green electricity)



all rights reserved


Loxodrome Pettenbach, Austria

LOXODROME are on the road since 1999. After several changes in the line-up, two founding members of the Upper Austrian Five- Piece are still in the band: singer Michael Aitzetmueller and bass player Paul Ablinger. While drummer Christoph Huettner entered the band in 2003, the current guitarists Gregor Ottinger and Gerald Spiegel joined in 2010 and 2011 respectively. ... more

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Track Name: No Doubt Let's Go
no doubt (let's go)

and you can feel the pain .. again and again
nothing ventured - noting gained - let's go

so even if we deny it
we share the same design
we are the people
we fade away
or stay a day
or also the whole night
and when we seek we'll find
any little secret
every little secret sign
we better get it right
and then when it' time
we come to fall again
and roll again
it's gettin' well
let's show a brighter smile
'cause any time it's time
I wanna talk and tell
a better word a better spell

in the end there's a light
can't prove black is white - no doubt about it
I fear we go blind - we're losing our minds
before we're departed
and hey - I'll go my way
it just get started
and maybe I take
what I should forsake

so even if we deny it
we share the same desire
you know the people
they fade away
or come to play
and then we start to fight
for our ancient rights
every little secret
every little secret line
we better get it right
and then when it's time
I'm gonna roll and smoke
an other one
I'm gettin' through
let's show a brighter smile
'cause any time it's time
I'gonna walk in hell
a better world
it's up to you
Track Name: Forget About
forget about

we gonna go out for a party
and when we come it's startin'
a whiskey, rum, bacardi
I don't wanna be a wannabe

god bless you lovely waitress
your dress is fuckin' mindless
a crowded floor to conquer
I just wanna be the one you see

and when we come it's startin'
and when we go we got it
and if we leave the party
I just wanna be the one you see

forget about tomorrow
tonight's a night to swallow
down all the pain - don't worry
come in and see

ride on and take a ride until midnight
ride on until the lights go on and ..

forget about the story
there's nothing left to worry
I know you feel the same way
go out and be
Track Name: The Liar
the liar

I'm a liar you could see it in my eyes
and I tell you that I need to be by your side
is it over or can we start this from before
please believe me I'm not breathing anymore

I am guilty, I'm a filthy pig of love
made a mistake, made it double - now you're gone
close together through whatever - I still belong
can you tell me is it worthless - am I wrong

now I hit the floor and you just ignore me
how it should be
only good old friends seem to understand
they are worth it all
I need a helpin' hand this can't be the end
can't you see
I can offer more all that you adore 'cause
it's worth it all
Track Name: Darker Days
darker days

he said, wake up - dead man
he said, stand up
and then you'd walk away
keepin' pace, you are late
much too late
and then, it began
that angels fell from the sky

mistaken - pulsating
just one by one
there are much darker days to come
forsaken - it's breaking (down)
down to the ground
there are ..
back breakin' - breath takin'
bad days are gone
there are ..

dead man get them
and then you'd take a life
blood for bliss - bit by bit
deadly kissed
and then, in the end
fallen angels light up the sky

so the bad days are gone
open your eyes
there are much darker days ..
shadow on the sun
and we're still on the run
justice one by one
and the bad days are gone
there are much darker days to come
Track Name: Sea Of Dust
sea of dust

is it just too late and you're still awake
in hopeless times you losing your faith
can't we speak a language that heals
it won't be in vain we could make it sane

so if god is good and knows hollywood
it shalt pretend the big happy end
let 'em do whatever they do
as I see through I only see you

I'm a master - bastard
I'm in danger - dangerous
I'm a natural desaster
but I'm not like all others before ..

I was sailing on the sea of dust
and I'm drownin'
after 7 I've reached the ocean of rust
I keep fallin'
In the end I've reached the shore too fast
is this you on my mind
Track Name: Going Up In Flames
going up in flames

I am eclectic
more than you'll ever be
I am a caster
shaping mysteries
my frame is boundless
so boundless free
I just need some practise
if I should handle this

I am the priest
and the burnin' witch
which eats the rich

I know some tactics
my data matrix
who's been the master
of reality
my soul is homeless
my mind is free
a pangalactic gargle blaster
will just call on me

I got tired
and if I go astray
hold it sacred
and keep it insane
fuel the fire
goin' up in flames
push it higher
won't be in vain

I know your tactics
it's all eclectic
you are the master
in a mad fantasy
your soul is empty
empty within
a pangalactic gargle blaster ..